The Difference Between Playing Land Based and Online Casino Slots

Ask any die-hard traditional slot player what they find so great about the game and they will list (in no specific order) the fact that slots are exciting, the pace is fast, the sound of jingling coins after a win is thrilling and they don't need to invest too much to get some great entertainment time at the casino.

Many players find it difficult to make the transition from offline to online casino slots. They fear that the excitement will be somehow lost in the great wide world of virtual gambling and that online slots are not quite the same as those found at land-based casinos. However, experience shows that those who made the step from offline to online casino slots have never looked back and only wonder why they did not make the move long ago.


Let us first look at why playing online slots is better in the overall grand scheme of things. Nobody can argue that playing at an online casino is much more convenient than having to get into your car and drive to a land-based casino if you are after some good gambling fun. If you suddenly feel like a game of casino slots - or any game for that matter - you simply turn on your PC and within seconds you find yourself presented with a huge array of casino slots.


The variety of casino slots found online is truly incredible. Several good casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City might offer you a fair selection of slot machines to choose from. None, however, can come near to the variety found online. Huge "arcades" of casino slots await you when you log onto a site on the internet and players can choose from a huge selection of different game types and levels, suitable for every player and every pocket.


Traditional casino slots players may argue that machines at land-based casinos are safer because they cannot be rigged. Well, here is some news for everybody who believes this falsehood. Most offline casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) for their casino slots - the same systems used by online casinos. If gamblers use some common sense, and stick to online casinos that have a good reputation, they are probably safer playing casino slots online than off.

Play for Free

Probably one of the best reasons for choosing to play casino slots online is the fact that gamblers can practice for free before risking a single cent. Nobody could seriously walk into a land-based casino and ask to ‘practice’ before they start to play for real. But that is exactly what players can do when they choose to play casino slots at an online casino. Most online casinos actually encourage newcomers to try out the free slots in order to get a feel for the games and learn about denominations, levels, etc. Practicing for free can save players a small fortune in money.

Save Money

Finally, playing online slots games will eventually save the gambler money from other angles as well. Traveling expenses, hotel accommodation and car rental are a thing of the past when players choose to log into their favorite site from the comfort of their own home and play casino slots. Gamblers can also wave goodbye rowdy crowds, free drinks that affect their better judgment and all other distractions when they play casino slots online.


When all is said and done, it is not difficult to see why playing online casino slots is one of the most popular pastimes in the gambling world. Of course, there will always be those gamblers who will not give up the experience of playing casino slots in a live location for any money in the world but, more than likely, they have never tried playing casino slots online to really make an objective choice. The convenience, privacy, financial benefits and free practice opportunities surely make playing casino slots online the better choice.