Realtime Gaming Outta this World video slot review

Background to Outta this World video slot

Since the launch of Sputnik on 4 October 1957, more than 4,600 launches have placed some 6000 satellites into orbit. Currently about 800 satellites are used operationally for science and other applications. Space debris comprise the ever-increasing amount of inactive space hardware in orbit around the. Earth as well as fragments of spacecraft that have broken up, exploded or otherwise become abandoned. The debris field comprises burnt-out launch vehicle upper stages, dead or inactive spacecraft and other objects ranging in size from as big as an automobile to microscopic dust.

Outta this World

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Review of the newly released Outta this World video slot

All you need to be entertained in Outta This World is enthusiasm, the ability to let your mind wonder into the land of fantasy, and the grace to accept the great rewards that are in your view. Funky graphics with great animation will be part of your entertainment as you watch the little alien substitute grow and expand over your reels, awarding you with greater opportunities of catching more winning combination all at once. With just two Black Holes you will be beamed into a screen of planets, where you will make the choice out of the 10 on display. Within these planets are hidden free spins and multipliers that could well take you from rags to riches in one spin.

Game Guide

  • Theme - Outta Space
  • Paylines - 1 to 20 paylines
  • Reels - Five
  • Denominations - 0.01 to 5.00
  • Random Jackpot - Awarded anytime
  • Scatter Pays - Appear anywhere and are multiplied by total bet
  • Bonus Feature - Yes
  • Top Award - 40,000 times bet per line per paid spin
  • Win Direction - Left to right except scattered Black Holes, which pay any direction
  • Scatter Symbol - Black Hole
  • Substitute Symbol - Alien
  • Animating Symbols - Black Hole and Alien
  • Bonus Feature - When Black Holes appear on reels 2 and 4 the Outta this World feature is triggered. Players select from the 10 planets displayed to reveal free games and prize multipliers. All prizes are doubled during free games
  • Bonus Feature Trigger - Black Holes appearing on reels 2 and 4

Payline Guide

  • Flying Saucer - 7500 x five symbols
  • Globe - 2500 x five symbols
  • Space Ship - 1000 x five symbols
  • Telescope - 1000 x five symbols
  • Black Hole - 500 x five symbols
  • Ace - 300 x five symbols
  • King - 300 x five symbols
  • Queen - 200 x five symbols
  • Jack - 200 x five symbols
  • Ten - 150 x five symbols
  • Nine - 150 x five symbols