Online casinos - Competing on reels

Slot machines are an absolute must-have for every online casino. Every month companies developing online casino software come up with new games with exciting themes presented in razor sharp graphics and sound effects. Online slot machines enjoy great popularity among all players because of their simple rules, exciting action and the possibility of hitting really big prizes. If you are a fan of online slots and enjoy thrills and competition, you should check out one of the online casino slot tournaments.

When talking about a tournament most of us probably think of poker or blackjack, but slot machine tournaments also enjoy great popularity among online casino players. One reason behind it can be that, contrary to poker contests, competing on a slot machine doesn’t require skills or strategies, which makes it available to almost any online casino fan. Those who want to start their slot tournament adventure can choose one of the freerolls offered by many online casinos and enjoy the thrill without risking any money.

Rules of the tournaments are easy. Each of the players is given the same amount of credits and usually about half an hour to use it. After the time is up, the system counts up the player’s credits and the one who has the most becomes a winner. Some tournaments include more than one round with the winners of the first round moving to compete for the prizes in the second round. Tournaments differ also in the way the prizes are shared. Some online casinos award only the winner, while in some prizes go also to players who end on lower positions.

When it comes to strategies, the list of tips is not very long. Some players recommend betting high in every round, in hope that every win will boost your credit count and also because most online casinos will in the end deduct the unused coins from the players account. The most reasonable tip is perhaps to simply play fast and go through as many rounds as possible and make use of all the coins. And trust your lucky star to make the cash stream out clinking.