Online Casino Slots History

In 1897, Charles Fey invented the "Liberty Bell", a three-reel, automatic cash payout slot machine. Since that fateful day, the casino slots industry has experienced ups and downs - from the glorious, golden years of Prohibition, to the black years of World War II when slot machines were melted down to make weapons. From 1951, when Lyndon Johnson passed his stringent gambling laws, the manufacture and sale of casino slot machines became more controlled. However, wherever casino slots are legal, players swarm to these machines to try their luck and enjoy the thrills of straightforward, simple gambling fun. These days, players don't need to seek out physical locations to play their favorite games. By simply accessing one of the many online casinos on the internet, they are instantly transported into a dream world of top quality gambling entertainment and are able to play casino slots to their hearts content.

The casino slots industry, as we know it today, began to evolve in the 1980s. In that decade, some top players emerged on the scene when technology enabled casino slot machines to move from mechanical levers to the use of Random Number Generators. One of the first companies to realize the enormous potential in RNG was International Gaming Technology (IGT). This company produced the first progressive jackpot network slots called Megabucks. Today, Megabucks is still a huge hit in the casino slots industry, although many other gambling companies have gone on to produce their own progressive slots.

Another role that IGT played in changing the casino slots industry was the issue of licensing. The company started out by obtaining licenses for some of the United States most popular television shows, and then basing casino slots games on the shows. Today, many of the top players in the industry make their name by licensing excellent software that has become hugely popular with the gambling public. The casino slots industry suddenly realized that brand names appealed to the masses and this theory is used up until this day.

From their humble beginnings in the corners of dusty Wild West saloons to the incredible pace of internet gambling, casino slots have certainly come a long way. There is no doubt that the slots industry will continue to grow as technology improves with each passing year.

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