Understanding Online Casino Slots Bonuses

Bonuses are the "comps" of the online casino industry. They are offered to us by internet sites to welcome us to their sites, and to hopefully get us to stay. Many gamblers are first attracted to online gambling because of the casino bonuses offered; however, a deeper understanding of the various bonuses available out there is required, in order to obtain maximum benefits. Many gamblers are particularly attracted to the game of casino slots because of the cool bonuses offered by sites. However, even for a game as simple as casino slots, players should make an effort to understand all there is to know about bonuses attached to the games and sites.

Choosing the Right Bonus

One look at several internet sites will show you just how vast the topic of bonuses is. It is not simply a matter of choosing a bonus that offers you the most money and getting down to some gambling at casino slots. Players need to take some time to choose bonuses that really suit them and their gambling lifestyle. It's no use choosing a bonus that requires you to pay out an initial sum of $200 if you only have a bankroll of $100, for example.

Reading the Small Print

As with anything involving money, it is imperative that you read the small print of a bonus before beginning your gambling session. Check for gambling requirements, withdrawal restrictions and the likes before pressing the "I Agree" button. Playing casino slots with bonuses can be rewarding and beneficial, but only if you are playing with a bonus that is truly effective.

Different Types of Bonuses

When doing your homework about casino slots bonuses, you should look out for different types and what they have to offer you, personally, as a gambler. Some of the more common kinds of bonuses are as follows:-

Registration Bonuses - also known as welcome bonuses. Players get to register with a determined amount and the casino will usually match their initial deposits with up to 100%. This is a great way to enjoy casino slots using free bonus money.

Monthly Bonuses - Casinos will usually offer special monthly bonuses to be applied to the following month's game play. Players get to enjoy casino slots bonuses of 30%, 50% and sometimes even 100%! Check out the newsletters sent out by online casinos to see what they have in store for the next month.

Weekly Draw Bonuses - For each $1 (or whatever sum determined by the casino) deposited, the player gets a draw ticket. Every week, the first name that is drawn wins bonuses worth hundreds of dollars to play casino slots.

High-roller Bonuses - An example would be: Players, who bet sums exceeding $1000, get to enjoy bonuses that match each $1000 with a $100 bonus. Amounts will vary from casino to casino and it is worth checking out the different sites to find the best deal if you have a big bankroll to spend.

Bring-a-Buddy Bonus - By introducing friends to the great world of casino slots, players get to benefit by earning themselves bonuses. In some instances, the referred buddies will also receive a matching bonus - over and beyond the welcome bonus.

Understanding Bonus Rounds

As part of a greater bonus system offered by online casinos, players get to enjoy bonus rounds when playing casino slots. There are several types of bonus rounds - some are predetermined, while others are influenced by gambler's choice. Playing bonus rounds allows you to gain a second chance in casino slots without actually spinning the reels.

There are some who are of the opinion that bonus rounds and scatter pay type bonuses don't really make a difference to your game and, in the end, the programmed payback amount is all that a player can win. Whichever way you look at it, bonus rounds are a fun addition to casino slots and add that extra charm and excitement.


Playing casino slots with bonuses can vastly improve your chances of winning. Take the time and effort to shop around for the right bonus for you. Those few minutes of homework could save you frustration and money in the long run - and free up your time to concentrate on one of life's greatest pleasures - casino slots!