Progressive vs. Non-Progressive Online Casino Slots

Newcomers to the world of casino slots might be surprised to see that they are faced with two options - progressive and non-progressive slot machines. What is the difference between the two and which type of game should the gambler choose in the long run? By looking at the features of both games, we can see who is advised to play what type and why!

The Difference between Progressive and Non-Progressive Casino Slots

Progressive casino slots are as their name suggests - their jackpot amount progresses slightly higher every time a slot is played. Generally, multiple users contribute to the jackpot through the use of multiple casino slots, which pushes the jackpot up at a fairly steady pace. The machines are networked to other, similar machines. Software giants regularly link all their slots to one giant network to allow all players a shot at the jackpot. As a result, a progressive jackpot grows quicker than a non-progressive jackpot.

Non-progressive slots (also known as stand-alone slots) have a constant, never-changing jackpot and they usually have basic single-payline features. These slots do not depend on the other machines around them and are not linked to networks. These standard slots are very much the same whether played at a traditional casino or online.

The Appeal of Progressive Casino Slots

The appeal of the slots industry is thanks, in part, to the progressive casino slots jackpots. Wherever you look these days, you will see major names in the industry such as Cryptologic, Playtech and Boss Media advertising their million dollar progressive casino slots. The rags-to-riches stories about lucky winners play a further role in enticing players to try their luck.

To stand in line to win the progressive jackpot, gamblers need to remember to play the maximum amount of coins. For as little as $3, players can win millions of dollars in prize money - a very appealing factor when it comes to playing progressive jackpot casino slots!

So What Should you Play?

After understanding the difference between the two types of casino slots, gamblers are now faced with the decision of what to play at the casino. Experts recommend that first timers begin with standard non-progressive casino slots to build up their bankroll slowly and steadily. Thereafter, they can try their luck at progressive slots.

If gamblers have a limited bankroll and want to spend as much time as they can at the casino slots, they should stick to non-progressive slots. For a minimum amount each time, they get to play casino slots and their bankroll will last longer.

The best bet for the cheapest form of entertainment is to play one coin at a time on multiplier casino slot machines.

For players who are after the big cash and have a larger bankroll to play with, they could try progressive casino slots. However, bear in mind that progressive slots have lower payout rates if the gambler does not win the main jackpot. Non-progressive, standard casino slots have a payout rate of approximately 98% -100% (depending on the casino).

As a general rule of thumb, players are advised to not spend more than a quarter of their bankroll on progressive casino slots.


As can be seen, playing standard, non-progressive casino slots versus progressive slots is largely dependent on a player's game plan, bankroll and personal requirements. Players are highly advised to try the free game options at online casinos to get a feel for both types of casino slots, before betting for real money. Gamblers should also take some time to read the terms and conditions about certain types of games, to ensure that they are not wasting their hard-earned cash. The bottom line is, however, that both kinds of casino slots are great fun - no matter what you choose.