Casino games

Even if they are called casino games, it does not necessary mean that the game can only be played at casino. Casino games are games that are played in land based casinos, online casinos or outside of that such as homes and at recreational halls where games are offered to play for fun even though they simulate gambling.

Casino games can be categorized into many types and forms. There are casino games that can be played individually, meaning that the employees of the casino, like dealers or other players are not interacting. These kinds of individual casino games are the racing games, Keno and the slot machines. There are the casino games that are played with more players and dealers, these kinds of games are roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat.

There is another categorization after whereby the casino games are put into three main categories regarding the type of the game. In the first category is the table games. Table games are usually the card games that are played at a table, games such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. The second category implies the electronic games, or the game machines such as slot machines. The last category applies to the games that are played following the strategy of random number picking and guessing. These kind of random number games are Keno, Bingo and the Roulette. Roulette can also be added in this category because the numbers from the Roulette wheel are picked randomly by the spinning balls landing position.

The casino games can also be categorized following the odds they offer to the players or to the “house”, or more exactly as to which are the more risky games as apposed the the less risky games. For example casino games such as Roulette are considered more risky to the player, as there are very few chances that can guarantee the player that the number he/she has picked will be the winning number. This is the same situation in the case of Bingo, because there are no guarantees that all the numbers called are on the players Bingo card.

The less risky casino games are Blackjack, where a good player can beat the “house” using a technique known as card counting, meaning that he observes the cards that were played and in this way can calculate which card will follow. This method is very hard to put into practice as it involves having the knowledge in maths, not to mention that it is illegal.

So no matter which casino game the player prefers it is important to follow the game rules and to enjoy the game.

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