Dispelling those Casino Slots Myths

When you combine a pastime that involves a huge amount of luck with a huge amount of money such as casino slots, you will definitely find a fair number of superstitions and myths attached to the industry. There are always people out there who claim to know the ultimate casino slots secret and first-time gamblers cannot be blamed for buying into these myths. However, you should not believe everything that you read and we are here to dispel some of the more popular myths and legends that have sprung up around the casino slots industry.

Myth Number One

That Jackpot Could Have been Mine! I was Sitting in the Winner's Chair a Second Ago!!

As frustrating as it may be to see someone instantly win the jackpot on a casino slots machine that you might have spent the last two hours playing on, you don't need to feel bad. Take comfort in the fact that you had just as much chance of winning as he did and the fact that he won was simply a matter of good luck on his part.

Myth Number Two

I Need to Spend all my Gambling Time at one Casino Slots Machine if I want to Win

Whether you play at the same machine for one minute or 100 hours, your odds of winning the jackpot are going to be the same. The first spin and the thousandth spin have the same odds for winning. If you feel like a change in game or pace, try your luck somewhere else. It's no use feeling miserable and frustrated during a casino slots session simply over a mistruth.

Myth Number Three

I'm Not Going to Play at that Casino Slots Machine because it Just Paid Out a Big Amount

In the same vein as myth number two, don't think that because a machine has just paid out a jackpot, you don't stand a chance of winning the jackpot again. The Random Number Generator ensures that every spin gives the player an equal chance of winning the jackpot, whether the machine itself has paid out in recent hours or not.

Myth Number Four

Casinos can "Rig" Slot Machines

Most casinos today - both online and traditional ones - use Random Number Generators on their casino slots games. Therefore, it is a computer chip that determines who wins what and NOT a mythical "switch" that some people believe casinos use. It is not in the best interest of casinos to loosen or tighten their slot machines and they certainly cannot go around changing computer chips without cumbersome paperwork and procedures involved. Casinos will pre-determine the payout rates and order the computer chips based on these rates from the software company.

Myth Number Five

The Temperature (Shape/Size/Age) of my Coins Will Affect how Much I am Paid out

There is no truth to the myth that hot coins (or cold coins, old coins or bent coins) will have any bearings on whether you get lucky at casino slots or not. The coin is simply a tool that generates a mechanical device called a slot machine and will certainly not affect the amount of money that you get paid out.

Myth Number Six

I Should Play with Bills Instead of Coins

Strange as it may sound, some gamblers actually believe that if they feed a casino slots machine bills instead of coins, they stand a greater chance of winning. A machine doesn't care how it is fed - all it cares about is how much it is fed.

Myth Number Seven

Online Casinos Pay Less than Traditional Casino Slots

This is a definite lie! When someone wins casino slots at a land-based casino, the jingle, toots and flashing lights might lead you believe that traditional slots pay out more than online casino slots. However, statistics show that you stand a higher chance of winning if you gamble on the internet, simply because of the higher payout rates This can possibly be attributed to their lower running cost to that of a land based casino.

Myth Number Eight

I can Figure out Casino Slots if I Try Hard Enough

Sorry! Casino slots can't be "figured out". Of course, you can learn to understand them better and not make fatal mistakes regarding minimum and maximum denominations, payout rates, etc. But no amount of knowledge that you have about the machine will whether you win the jackpot or not.